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Earl Poole Ball ~ Multiple Projects 

Pocket 20 ~ Album "People Street"

Braedon Barnhill ~ The Encore

Kris Schultz ~ Album "Standard Issue Heart" (Produced by Charlie Richards, Mixed by Ron D'Argenio)

Deann Rene ~ 2022 Album Release "Paint a Dream" (Produced by Kris Brown & Ron D'Argenio)

Steve Power  ~ Album "Power Lines" (In conjuction with Cedar Creek). Available on double vinyl!
                       ~ Album "The Earl Sessions"

Joanna Ramirez   ~ Album "On My Way" 

John Gaar    ~ Album "Roll Like That" (In conjunction with The Zone)
                      ~ Album "Brighter Side of Maybe"  (In conjunction with Congress House)

                      ~ Single "Keepin' the Faith".

Sara Waldon  ~Sara and the Soul Patches

                         ~Multiple Singles

Julia Dettwiler ~ EP including tracks "Take, Take, Take", "Masquerade", "Smile", "Leave Me Crazy", and "Run Wild".

Sefo ~ Singles "Abigail" and "A Promise to Keep" (Mix Only)

Hank Woji 

Geno Stroia II

David Kerrigan ~ Dubbing and Mixing Album "Wide Awake in the Dream"

The Jumptones

Voice Coaches ~ Remote Voice Over tracking with video streaming

Copastatic ~ Retrack, mix, and master five singles.

Kites  ~ Singles "At the Skylark" and "This Christmas"

Past Ron D'Argenio productions prior to opening HooDoo Studio include Primm, Ghetto Cowboys,
Parade, Ben Tyler Johnson, 
and many others.

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