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Ron D'Argenio is the owner and proprietor at HooDoo Studio. He has been a keyboardist, engineer, and producer since before you could read about it on the internet. He played his first live show at age thirteen, and immediately knew he'd been both cursed and blessed by the music gods. No other career path would satisfy. Following a ten-year career as a sound designer and engineer for  New York City film companies, Ron came to Austin where he toured extensively with Texas bands such as Miranda Lambert, John Gaar, Brandon Rhyder, and Honeybrowne. He's gigged and recorded with Austin icons including Ruthie Foster, Shelly King, Miss Lavelle White, Steve Power, Joanna Ramirez, Deann Rene, The Jumptones, and countless others. While keeping up his music career, Ron maintained a dubbing and mixing room while producing full productions in a variety of Austin area studios. HooDoo Studio is the result of years spent honing his engineering skills, producing experience, and capacity to bankrupt himself by investing in a high-end recording facility.

Charlie Richards hails from the Long Island, NY. His skills as a guitarist are unlike those of any other, matched only by his talent as an engineer and producer. Charlie has performed and recorded with a long A-list of local, regional, and national artists. His innovative approach to the guitar will lend a uniqueness to any recording or performance. His creative style of producing results in masterful recordings unlike anything else. 

Ron and Charlie are available to add keyboard and/or guitar tracks to any production.

Julia Dettwiler
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