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If you are a producer or engineer interested in recording or mixing at HooDoo Studio and need only an assistant, please contact Ron via phone or email.

Full Service Rates (includes studio time, engineer, and assistant engineer if needed):

$50 per hour

$500 per day (up to 12 hours). 

$2300 per Five-Day Block.

$9000 for a four-week block-out start to finish production. 

In-House Digital Mastering $125 per song. Mastering is an art of its own. We always recommend analog mastering by an outside full-time mastering engineer. HooDoo has several great mastering facilities for referral.

Session musician fees, special equipment rental, analog mastering, and duplication are not included.

Artist should provide a Mac compatible Thunderbolt or USB hard drive to serve as your final back-up and "master tape".


HooDoo offers negotiable Package Rates per project depending on some of the following criteria:

Would you like Ron or Charlie to produce your project, or do you only require a studio and engineer?

How many songs do you intend to record?

Do you have a full, well-rehearsed band or will arrangements be worked out during the sessions?

Will session musicians need to be hired?

How many instrumentalists and singers do you expect to be involved?

Do you need arranging, charting, and transcription services?

Record and Event Promotion Packages range from $300 to $2000.


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